Grace in this World

There are truly wonderful people in this world, and today I met one of them. I thought I was about to have the worst day today, when I realized I lost my wallet when I went to get a sandwich on my way back from Walmart. I had the doors off my Jeep and was wearing shorts so my wallet was in a side pocket and not necessarily very snuggly when seated I now realize.

I spent nearly an hour driving around backtracking my path, all while going through scenarios in my mind now of what I’m going to do (money, ID, etc.), as I’m getting ready to leave to pickup my mother at EWR then will be down in DC till Monday.

Turns out it just fell out in the parking lot at Walmart and while I thought that might have been the likely scenario, after not finding it turned into Customer Service there, I was just hoping in my mind that someone would drop it off to my mailbox at home when they looked at my license.

Sure enough, my guardian angel today, in the form a wonderful lady named Dawn, probably in her 60s with an English accent, was walking up to my door at home when I pulled in.
Thank you Dawn, I cannot thank you enough.