Dark Mode in Mac OS X Mojave

I’ve been using Mac OS X 10.14 “Mojave” for several days now and I love the option to change to “dark mode” in the System Preferences, and it’s a pretty easy few clicks to do it too. What I’d like to see though is a faster click to it, or option of it being totally automatic.

On the first part, maybe just making the option immediately boolean switchable from the left Apple menu or somewhere else in the Finder’s menu system, available easily and by one pull down and click?

On the issue of automatic, maybe something similar to the Dynamic Desktop picture change, or like with Night Shift; able to be scheduled on the time of day. Or even better, make this an option to auto enable or disable, as with the iOS devices that use True Tone to modify the color – how about the same thing for Macs, based on the ambient light levels from the computer’s sensor.

Just my two cents on that.. I like it so far, though. While I’m often in “Blue” mode on Visual Studio for Windows, I’m also just as much in “Dark” mode too, and also go back and forth between light and dark on VS for Mac too. It’s nice to see this option on the Mac as a whole though, and using Xcode in dark mode is quite beautiful and very pleasant on the eyes, no matter what the surrounding environment is.